Social Media Digital Marketing-

What is Social Media Digital Marketing?

                 Social media today is essentially word-of-mouth marketing. Getting people to connect with you online in the social arena helps spread the word about what your company is and what are your products  and services.

SEO and Social media

                 For many teams, there are different sets of people who work on SEO and social media separately; however, this scenario is changing lately.

           The two may still officially belong to separate teams. But social media marketers will need to be more informed on the SEO strategies agenda, so that the SEO strategy can go hand-in-hand with content promotion. SEO strategists too need to know how to work with social media marketers in order to receive the social signals it needs to make sure their company ranks high in search.

Social Media (Business)

There are two functions of social media for business-

Are you participating in the conversation and sharing?

What is Social Media Digital Marketing?

Are you listening and monitoring what is being said about you?

Start Social Marketing

If you are starting from scratch with your social media strategy, here are the basic steps to get you started-

Step 1)

           Choose your social networks.

Step 2)

            Fill your profiles completely, remembering to load in your keywords


            Find your voice and tone.


            Pick your posting strategy- how often, when, and what type of content


            Analyze and test.


            Automate and engage.

            Although we’ll be getting into the specifics in the latter half of the tutorial, here are a few things to consider in your general

Social Media Marketing Platforms-


               It tops the list of  strategy. For many,  starts with Facebook. Just having a page, however, does not suffice. Sophisticated content marketing is now the way to foster engagement on Facebook. What is Social Media Digital Marketing? If your business does not have a content marketing strategy or a blog, but wants to maintain a strong Facebook presence. It may be time to create a content marketing strategy for facebook. We’ll get to know more on this is a subsequent chapter.

Optimize For Mobile

               All social media efforts need to be optimized for mobile. You have probably heard, but everyone needs to make sure their websites are optimized for mobile.  managers need to be aware of this to ensure that the format of any promotions they do (especially those that include driving people to their company websites) are optimized for mobile. Any images used on should also be viewable.

Emphasize on human experience.

              It may be digital but you need to consider the “human experience.” Google and Facebook have made changes  to their platforms to push business to focus more on the “human experience.” For  marketers, your social media posts need to be more relevant, provide more value to your audience, and the engagement needs to be more “human”.


               In SEO social media is playing an important role. The most common social media platform to connect with a lot of audience is the Instagram. It’s a platform where you can post your website link in the bio or you can create group to share your Website link so that your audience growth will increase.What is  Digital Marketing?And this is huge platform to connect yourself with a lot of audience. It can spread or viral your link within a few moments of posting if you such a craze amongst the audience.

                 Here people will follow you for what you have and they will be interested in the content you share to them. If you stop postings , automatically your stats will go down because in you become inactive then they will move towards the sources who will satisfy their needs of content. So here , key to success is that you should have been posting a lot of content and keeping your audience busy with your content. And with this your profile will automatically get rated and a lot of traffic will get generated on your link. And ultimate motive of SEO is to get huge amount traffic on your account.

Therefore, in digital marketing , social media platforms like Instagram plays an important role.


                 Another social media traffic generating platform is Twitter, where you can tweet your link through post. And which will get spreaded amongst a huge crowd which will make count to the traffic source. Here you can provide Popular trendy hashtags so that your link will get spread more. And if your link reaches a huge crowd then you can get famous through their retweets and their role to the traffic on your page.

                 Once a traffic is generated it will make count to your audience growth and which is a main pillar to the digital marketing

Hence, It is one of the best source to get traffic on your page or link.


                  Pinterest is the new  platforms introduced in few years back. It contents a lot of image format post and which helps people to reach website through the link associated with that post. This is also the main social media platform to grow your marketing strategies and entries to audience growth. Here you have create an Image and then you have to add Link of your page to get traffic their.

                 Therefore, such traffic generating social media platforms engages a lot of audience to your content.

Hence, it is very essential to have such platforms connected.

Online marketing

There are some sites which share your content on their website and they get paid for to engage traffic on your content and this may cost you a bit more than you think. Hence, You can share your content to them by just paying to engage audience or you can personalize your content through promoting it on your  platforms. Here you can Promote your content just by sharing bio or sharing links regarding your content. But here the main problem is that it takes a lot of time but it will definitely give results if you give your best and stick by it, just by being patient.

This is how  plays important role in digital marketing regarding SEO.

 hence the best option to SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).


                  Hence, to promote or to reach more audience, social media is most important and its one of the best marketing method without any cost and which is available at any time for free. Hence, it is easy to promote our content like blogs and sites. Therefore, social media marketing plays an important role in traffic generation.

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