Top 7 best Protein rich foods:

There are both vegetarian as well as non-vegeterian protein best protein rich sources available.

Lets know-

Why protein is important in our meal in day-to-day life?

         Basically protein is made up of amino acids and these amino acids are building blocks which make us. Our cells, tissues, muscles, etc are made of this amino acids which we get from protein.

Also protein is used to produce the harmone called glucagon. Glucagon is the digestive harmone that make us to stabalise fat. Including protein in the meals and emitting glucagon to the body is the signal to build muscles and satisfy the body. Also, it stimulates fat burning

Hence, protein is important and therefore we should consume it in our snacks and daily meals.

Now, lets know which are the best sources of proteins-


        The incredible and the most easily available source of protein is egg. These are a terrific source of protein.

Lets know what is most important about the Eggs?

             As people used to say, Eggs are highly containing chlorestrol and hence you do not have to eat yolk part of the egg. But this is not the best advice that we should even think of.

             Here, eating whole egg can provide you the benefit and eating yolk can provide you the nutrients which are present in the yolk, not eating yolk can miss these nutrients and that isn’t taste good.

             When you eat whole egg they provide you the whole protein about  6g per egg. And you can easily eat it while having breakfast and after your workout. The best way to eat it, is to boil it and then eat it. Also you can integrate eggs into most of the meals you it and it is really very helpful.

             If you are vegetarian and if you think eggs are non-vegeterian food then you are completely wrong. Scientists proved that it is a vegetarian food. Hence, you can consume it in your meals. And do not think that it can increase your chlorestrol level, it is wrong.


             Cheese are the another best source of protein. But here you have to note that, processed cheese foods are not having protein at all. Hence, raw cheese are really helpful which are one of the food having high protein source. You can easily indentify raw cheese by simply looking at its quality.

              In order to indentify you are eating protein containing cheese or not is- by simply checking whether the packaging having saturated printed on it.

Cheese gives you about 6-10 grams of protein. They are as good as chicken. But most of the vegeterains can have it as their best protein source.


             Yoghurt can also be the best source of proteins.There are a lot of myths about yoghurt. And the factory made yoghurt is having a lot of sugar in them. And which can not be useful in order to consume protein. They also contain processed chemicals in them which decreases their nutrition.

              If you want to buy yoghurt from market, do check labeling on it. If it is having a weird chemical names printed on it, then don’t buy such yoghurt. Beside this you can simply make your know yoghurt at home.

These yoghurt sources are having 20g protein per cup and hence which are best source of protein.


                As we have heard a lot about almonds and they are the best source of protein and they can easily burn fat and which is true.

                   They are really helpful to burn fat and to gain muscle by simply providing protein inside it to the body.

We can have this almonds as our protein source in our meals. In order to buy these almonds, we see a lot of various stuff about these in grocery shops that some of them are containing salt, chococalate, sugar, etc. This is truly a fraud and in order to identify the best almonds just look at its quality and processing chemicals used in it.

Almonds are containing about 30 g of protein in just one cup.

                So if you are looking to buy a high quality protein food, then you can simply add it to your meal. As it is having great source of protein, it can easily help you to loose weight.

Note- Just check whether they don’t have salt, our candy flavor,etc.


 Beans are also the good source of protein in day-to-day life. And there are various types of beans available in the market. You can simply use these beans by adding it to your meals, breakfast, etc.  You can also have them in the salad.

You can enhance their nutrition by soaking them, also by sprouting them.

They are also helpful to solve the digestive problems in our stomach. They can reduce the gas which does not allow the digestion properly.

                 Beans can contain about 16-40 grams of protein per cup and which can be the best source of protein out their. Therefore, you can add them to your diet.


             As all we know, meat is having a lot of protein in eat. But there I hard to find the best meat in the market.

So here are some ways that you can find the best meat out there in the market-

          The best meat stands out different in the market, because which kind of food that has been fed to the animal can define the quality of the meat. If the meat is looking good. Then you can consume it by just looking at its quality.

Try to avoid factory formed meat, because these factory formed meat are made available after a lot of processes done on it by applying different chemicals which decreases the quality of the meat. It might be good in order of quantity, but it is lagging behind in the quality. So don’t consume factory formed meat.

Also, try to avoid eating meat at the fast food corner, restaurants, etc. Because it might contain factory formed meat.

Beside this, a healthy and quality meat is having almost 4-10 grams of protein per ounce.


                 The  another best source of protein are the fishes which are easily available  best protein rich in the market. This is basically the best food for non-vegeterians and not for the vegetarian as they can not eat non- vegetarian food.

           It contains almost about 10-15 grams of protein per ounce. Hence, they stand out to be the best protein rich food.

Here also, you have to avoid the processed fishy foods because it contains a lot of chemicals in it and which decreases its quality.

Hence, in order to have protein rich diet, you can simply add fish to your meal.

So these were the best protein rich foods that you can add to your meal and which will be beneficial to you to gain muscles and strength.

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