LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for earn money individuals and companies looking to make new connections, generate leads, and build their brand. In addition to being a great way to recruit new talent, LinkedIn marketing is a likely top marketing tool to employ for B2B businesses. It consistently proves to be the platform of choice for marketing product launches and lead generation.

Linkedin Page

            A comprehensive LinkedIn marketing earn moneystrategy requires ongoing management, monitoring, analysis, and adjustments.

Here, we have listed down a set of important tips to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn Marketing strategy −

Create a dynamic company page for your brand

            To create a business presence on LinkedIn and gain access to additional features that enhance your visibility, you must build a LinkedIn company page.

Consider this page an extension of your website and fill out the complete profile, including products and services. Invite your employees and customers to follow the page.

Be an authority in your industry

            You need to plan out what type of content you can provide that will have decision-makers thinking twice about the approaches they’re taking. Think about the discussions you can create that make you stand out as a thought leader. Also determine whether the content is relevant and for whom, and whether the content inspires prospects to want to take action.This can solve your problem i.e. How to earn money?(LinkedIn)

Engage in the community

          It’s not about how many connections you make or followers you have on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. It’s about how many people you reach and engage with. The best way to engage in social media is to create a community.

In LinkedIn, you can create actual groups that you manage. Consider taking an active role and creating a group in the industry that you are active in. Or, simply join an existing group and share the relevant content. Either way, you’ll be creating new contacts and participating in worthwhile conversations with industry leaders in your field.

View the stats

            The new LinkedIn Publisher stats offer amazing insight into not only how many people are viewing each post, but the lifespan of each post, reader demographics, and the people who engage with your posts.

 To see your stats, go to the Who’s Viewed Your Posts tab, which is located under Profile in the main navigation under Who’s Viewed Your Profile. Click on any post to see a graph that shows the number of views in the last 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 6 months or 1 year.

 This gives you incredible perspective to see the shelf life of each post. Review these numbers, as well as the elements of the posts themselves, to see patterns that will tell you what topics, format, and length your readers are most interested in.

LinkedIn Groups

           LinkedIn also has thousands of groups related to virtually every industry and niche you could think of.earn money  You can find like-minded professionals in your area who participate in these groups. They often discuss the latest trends in the business, post advice, and share job postings. Joining and getting involved with these groups is a great way to expand your professional network.

Job Hunting with LinkedIn

            LinkedIn has a powerful job listing section as well. Unlike other sites, listing a job on LinkedIn requires a fee, but that does eliminate the scam jobs so it’s worth it. LinkedIn also makes it easy to research the company you’re interested in, other staff members, and the job description you’re applying for is usually described in-depth. You can even connect online with the hiring manager to discuss the role via LinkedIn’s InMail service (although the site only allows for five free InMail messages—after that, you need to purchase a premium version which costs $30 a month.

While LinkedIn can be essential for students looking for an internship, or a first job, remember that LinkedIn is for professionals and you must maintain a professional presence in all of your interactions, posts, and photos—this is not Twitter where people often vent their frustrations or discuss their political views. When used thoughtfully, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for your job search.


The Pulse Articles Section

LinkedIn also has something called The Pulse, a section where people can post articles. Many of these are from industry leaders, but budding professionals can also post content. Articles often include tips on how to manage productivity and news about industry trends and changing business models. Engaging with authors and posting your own …

What Should Be on My LinkedIn Profile?

               LinkedIn is a professional way to promote your personal brand online. LinkedIn is usually one of the first websites to show up in search engine results and is, therefore, a great tool to establish your online presence and connect with professionals.

 Think of LinkedIn as a more dynamic and visual version of your resume. You can include traditional professional information, such as your education, expected graduation date, work experience, college awards, clubs, and hobbies. But rather than just listing this information, LinkedIn allows you to expand on each point. You can share projects you are particularly proud of, such as a PowerPoint restoration presentation that you did for your architectural design class or a brochure you designed for the non-profit where you volunteer.

              You can also include a headshot though it should not be a selfie or other kind of casual image. You want to present yourself as polished, professional and you should dress the way you would for a job interview.

              One of the best features of LinkedIn is the ability to include references and recommendations. If you have past professors or managers who appreciated your work, you can request that they submit a recommendation, which will show up on your profile for prospective employers to see. If you do this, be sure to have each reference say something different about your skills and work ethic.



This is how you can LinkedIn can be useful to earn money without wasting time.

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