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This Film tells of the Bana story that is the movie of the Ayushmann Khurrana  Bala the man who is bald And is prematurely and he deals with the situation that is facing of the film also tells about the Balaji relationship about the four women about which name are played by yamin Gautam and Bhumi respectively its release date is 7 November 2019 by director Amar Kaushik and producer is Dinesh Vijan.

National award which is given to iPhone, director which is the hard-working character starts playing the film roll the name of Balan in the dance more transformation for its upcoming moving Bala movie to watch online or download its about his grandfather and prosperity make up that is done on him disturb we are talking about is money gram and make up because it is very different and hot too big not because when I seen because my Sim I can take amazing like my grandfather because yes. very less year but I could relate there is a situations and it is not very complex because my father used to give me the rain in denial become 20 years old and has my full year so I remember of having them and during the shoot it is the best part about that iPhone Khurrana wanted to shave his head and go bald but do we cannot do that for the movie because this movie want to show the different stages of years so movie day long time so they refused to cut the hair of Ayushmann Khurrana

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Bollywood good actor like Ayushmann Khurrana who is playing this role movie is very good script and has a full tattoo subject for migrating to the Armands it is for jobs from rural areas into cinemas get folded because he added in Bana there are certain topics of in the evening that I fancied that shoe mangle Jaadu Sara And I recommend you to go and watch this movie in the link Below.

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This movie the court that are on as very late and effort I Nikita because interesting fact this movie and is no complexity the Bala is one of the best movie which has no complex and insecurity so ETA and it is in coming out from hall complex soon as in the dude in Skinny kid of Ayushmann who is also with Liz here and better version of Ayushmann because he’s he’s child and he used ji to play cricket all the time and become a fast bowler by his coach and he started also started spinning the ball in the child.

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Actor Ayushmann Khurana says he’s not worried about his looks in the movie or film Bala out attachment because both the stories are dealing with premature balding directed by the Amar Kaushik in Bollywood in 2019 because at the young age of Ayushmann is getting here falls from the age of 10 and the first look poster of Urjit Gouda  the Chaman has been taken out and will be released okn 7 November 2019 and aims to celebrate complex and about its self love in this movie 2019.


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